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Owning a truck and trailer means eventually disposing of them, and the residual value of a used unit can be an important tool in investing in new ones. But the used truck market is fickle with units gaining or losing several thousand dollars in value in just a few years, or anytime the market becomes saturated with units of a similar spec. The truck and trailer industry have a tremendous impact on economic growth worldwide. Purchasing trucking or trailer equipment is extremely expensive. A clever alternative to purchasing new or pre-owned truck equipment outright is leasing. It’s a creative financial solution that helps to reduce spending without detracting from your resources. Lease purchase programs have become incredibly popular. Prafton Finance has contracts that are way too different from the regular lease. Well, most successful trucking companies nowadays have started implementing this type of program which has the fact of a combination of elements of a traditional rental agreement and the right to, later on, purchase the truck. So, if you are looking forward to buying a truck, you should consider the lease-purchase program first. We offer storage, cartage & over the road trailers to handle your short term, long term, seasonal needs with maintenance plans & tracking availability!

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Buying a truck or trailer requires the purchase price and sales tax to be paid upfront. Leasing allows you to pay for the trucks/ trailers and taxes over time enabling your business to better align cash outflows with cash inflows. It also creates an additional credit facility dedicated to funding your trucks allowing you to retain existing capital for financing your core business operations and investments and allowing you to cycle your assets when needed verses when capital is available. Typically, full-service leases are more expensive because lesser assumes the risk for not only the value of the vehicle at the end of the lease term but also for unplanned maintenance events. Typically, full – service leases are used by companies who prefer to have set monthly payments for lease and maintenance expenses. They are available for both large and small fleets.

We specialize in the short term, full- service rental, and long term, full-service lease solutions. Learning everything you need to know about successfully and safely leasing a car.

  1. Less upfront cost: The cost is a major determining factor while considering to buy or lease a truck or a trailer. The upfront costs are almost sure to be less when you’re leasing. Many drivers prefer to lease because the up-front cost tends to be much lower. If you don’t have money for a hefty down payment, a lease can be a good option.
  2. Flexibility, choice, control, and performance: Prafton Finance makes your purchasing products different than other leasing companies. For the first time, you choose the level of maintenance from you to pay as you go to the full service.
  3. Easy Repairs: All you have to choose is the vehicle, financial option, term, and much more. For both new and pre-owned tractors and trailers bumper – to – bumper maintenance coverage. All maintenance is always covered – even tires and brakes, which often are considered wear and tear equipment.
  1. Low risk: There are different lease periods you can opt for, so if you are on a fence about whether or not leasing a truck or a trailer is right for your particular business. There is no harm in signing up a one-year lease compared to purchasing a new vehicle. If the buyer gets up happy with it or decides that leasing isn’t right for the business, we provide you the option for going back to owning when that short period is over.
  2. Lower frustration levels: When a truck or trailer repair becomes necessary, it also forces the business to come up with other transportation plans.
  3. Fewer obligations: At the end of your contract, you simply turn in the keys and walk away. New vehicles every few years. Once your lease term is up, you can choose a new lease and enjoy all the benefits and the features of a new car. This also means drive a better car for less money every month.
  1. Helps in focusing on business models: New truck purchase comes up with a huge up-front cost. The truck & trailer owners pay sales tax and finance charges and lose the use of their capital. It will provide you preferential accounting and tax treatment.
  2. Priority Service: This gives you a front line of service that maximizes uptime dealing with professional partnerships with transportation experts.
  3. Loss of Equity: It eliminates the loss of equity associated with trades and/or the costs associated with vehicle disposal. Equity is the difference between the value of the vehicle and the amount owed on the lease. In this case, it will be very helpful because this lease is having a lower interest rate than other leases for trucks and trailers.
  4. No hidden cost involved: We come up with related expenses of overhead, towing, taxes, washing, acquiring, 24*7 roadside assistance, license management, fuel management, regularity support, comprehensive maintenance services and It also have a focus on full-time customer service.

Truck Rental in Canada Industry:

Operating your fleet is getting more challenging and costly day by day. Truck leasing in Canada is a better decision for your business. Lease industry-leading vehicles backed by superior fleet maintenance and services such as 24/7 roadside assistance. With a full-service truck lease in Canada, it improves your cash flow, your truck uptime increases, and your transportation costs get more consistent. Canada helps you to unlock the equity that’s tied up in your truck fleet. Canada is expertise in truck leasing with a full-service leasing opportunity.

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